Is Golioth a good fit for Raspberry Pi?

Golioth is built on the Zephyr RTOS, does that mean I can’t use it on my Raspberry Pi?

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to manage Raspberry Pi-based IoT using Golioth as the device management platform. The reason is because Golioth is designed for microcontroller devices that typically go into small sensors and devices that need to run a long time on battery. Those devices run specialized, efficient operating systems called RTOSes, like Zephyr & FreeRTOS (Golioth now supports both!) A Raspberry Pi is more similar to the devices in our cell phones and run operating systems like Linux. So while it could be feasible to hook up all of Golioth’s services into a Linux-based device, we don’t have support today and no ETA if/when we will. You should look into platforms that focus on Linux and have support for the Raspberry Pi, like &

If you plan on doing development on a Raspberry Pi but use Golioth to manage microcontrollers, that’s definitely possible. Our Command Line tools are pre-built for the Raspberry Pi (ARM32/64) and all the RTOSes we support have toolchains that can run on a Raspberry Pi.

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