Golioth on Ubuntu 20.04

Hi all,

I have a general question about using Golioth on Linux based devices. According to this post from 2022 (Is Golioth a good fit for Raspberry Pi?) other platforms are recommended than Golioth. But when looking into the GitHub of the SDK (GitHub - golioth/golioth-firmware-sdk: Firmware SDK enabling any IoT device to connect to Golioth - the Universal Connector for IoT) there seems to be experimental support for Linux.

  • How experimental is the Linux version of the SDK? Has anyone used it reliably or has anyone had a bad experience with it?
  • How well suited is Golioth to use on a Linux based device to upload and log high resolution images and ROS messages of different types? Of course, anything is doable, but I’m asking for practical advice if anyone has tried using Golioth for a similar approach.

The reason why I want to use Golioth on a Linux based device is because I want to share the device platform with IoT MCUs that I have deployed.

Maybe it’s not the right use case for Golioth or maybe it is? I would really appreciate input as it would be really cool to collect data from heterogeneous device fleets in one place.

Thanks in advance for any feedback.


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Hey Koray,

You’re right, as mentioned in the other forum post, Golioth is primarily designed for MCU based devices running an RTOS.

The Linux port of the Golioth Firmware SDK does have some support but features like Over-the-Air (OTA) updates will likely not work on Ubuntu given that Golioth does not integrate with the apt package manager, etc. However, if you’re simply building an application in C which aims to utilize the data routing capabilities of Golioth it is technically feasible to run that on a Linux machine.

Normally I would not recommend using Golioth to manage a fleet of devices running Ubuntu Linux but your use case of managing a heterogeneous fleet is interesting. I would love to chat more about the setup here and how/if the MCU devices interact with the Linux based device.

You can email me at [email protected] to setup a call if interested in exploring further.


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