Error in poll: 95

Continuing the discussion from Dfu refused connection:
Hello, excuse me for bothering you. In the reference discussione the issue was caused by sim that cannot connect, I changed it but now it returns Error in poll:95. What it means?

We saw your update and thought the SIM was the resolution of the issue. Could you give us more context on the Error in poll:95? Often it’s helpful to see a screen capture of more of your terminal output around a particular error.

Could you give us any other background on your errors?

Hello @ChrisGammell
This is the full output from the terminal:

There’s some particular command through nrf connect for vscode that I can use for a more exhaustive output?
P.S. I’ve trouble on windows to execute west command directly, please don’t tell me this.
I appreciate an answer, thank you everyone. Your site is going better every time I enter it.
I link the config file too.

Hello @ChrisGammell, updating ncs to 2.4.0 solved the problem. I think there was some issue with the socket absed on error 95 that mean operation not supported on socket.
Now while typing this reply I had this, previously nothing happens.

I’ve upload artifact and turn on rollout. I’m pretty sure that part is correct.
I found the issue was cause by num_decoded < num_entries in zcbor_utils.c. It never enter the while cycle.
What I have to do? Thanks in advance.