Zero-install misunderstanding

Hello everyone.
I don’t know if this’s the right category, please apologize me.
I want to ask for some detailed instruction on how to setup a zero-install development environment like in this blog page:
I understand how that I have to use kasm and docker but I don’t know how to link them and if there’s some configuration file for downloading all needed resources.
Someone could help me? I noticed that there are some docker images on docker hub but which one I could use for nrf9160dk? What’s the differences between them?

Hey @Serjo

We love Kasm here and have been using it to great effect in 2023 for our training. However, we plan to switch to Github Codespaces in the new year, which will be an easy way to replicate setup onto peoples’ individual Github accounts. I think setting up Kasm is not the right call for someone getting started with docker, it’s really targeted at people who want to do remote desktop setups in the browser.

More broadly, what are you hoping to achieve? You want to get started without installing anything on your local machine?

Well, I’m also interested in Codespaces and wanted to try both to check performances and the choose between them. My purpose is to get started without installing and then using Github Actions to create artifacts. If you have any guide can you send me or some suggestions on how to achieve this? Thank you.

Hi @Serjo just a quick update: Golioth’s Zephyr developer training has been updated to use Codespaces instead of Kasm.

Here is where the instructions for setting up Codespaces starts: