Zephyr Training is now Anytime, Anywhere thanks to Codespaces

Originally published at: Zephyr Training is now Anytime, Anywhere thanks to Codespaces - Golioth

For more than a year, Golioth has been hosting free Zephyr training. We’re going to keep doing that. But the news today is that you can learn from our Zephyr course anytime, anywhere using Codespaces. Ze…what? IoT devices usually need a real time operating system (RTOS) to handle the networking aspect of connecting things to the Internet. Zephyr is an open source RTOS guided by the Linux Foundation. We like it for its far reaching cross-vendor support and handy network stack. Using Golioth with Zephyr is a snap because the Golioth Firmware SDK functions as a Zephyr module. But for our customers to build devices with Zephyr they need to know how to use Zephyr. Which leads to our free Zephyr training! Zephyr tools in your browser; code on your device The Golioth Zephyr training is offered live via the video chat every month. We supply tools to everyone who participates, just bring your own dev board to run the code examples on. The training documentation we use has always been publicly available, but this month we’ve started using Codespaces to host the build environment tools. Now it’s available to everyone, even outside of our synchronous training sessions. Head over to our code repository now, and choose the Codespaces tab from the big green <> Code button in the middle of the screen. Launch your pre-configured development environment by clicking the Create codespace on main button. Around 90-seconds after clicking that button, an instance of VS Code will open in your browser. It already includes the training code repository, but also has the Zephyr tree (all the code from the open-source operating system) and the compiling tools needed to build…

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