Zephyr Include Error - Recurring Issue

Hi everyone! I had a question about this error that occasionally appears while working with Zephyr and the Nordic SDK (see image).

For context: I made this application this week and it was working great. Then this morning I opened the workspace to keep going and this error appeared. This has happened before on other applications, and the solution seems to involve some sort of build config manipulation / updating SDKs / just waiting until it goes away.

I realize that solution is really poor engineering thinking, but it really does seem to be somewhat random in it’s appearance and resolution.

Has anyone else run into this issue in practice? If so, what is the cause and have you found a concrete solution?

Thank you.

Hi Joey,

I’m not familiar with this issue (it looks like it’s unrelated to the Golioth SDK?) but the first thing I’d check is that you have that library enabled in Kconfig.

A quick search turns up this page: Kconfig search — Kconfig reference

Check in your build/zephyr/.config file to see if demand paging is selected, and if not, try to figure out why.

Thank you for the feedback!

It turns out I just had to run west update and then run a pristine build.

It seems like sometimes the workspace sometimes “looses track” of the config files, but maybe someone more knowledgeable would have a more concrete understanding of the cause. If I were to guess, it is likely an nRF Connect SDK issue, not a Golioth one.