Zcbor error on build

I added Golioth to an existing West manifest per the GitHub page

# Golioth repository.
- name: golioth
  path: modules/lib/golioth
  revision: main
  url: https://github.com/golioth/golioth-zephyr-sdk.git
  import: west-external.yml

When I attempt to build, I get multiple errors

In function ‘log_cbor_append_headers’:
/modules/lib/golioth/logging/log_backend_golioth.c:127:17: error: too few arguments to function ‘zcbor_tstr_put_term’

In function ‘log_cbor_append_headers’:
modules/lib/golioth/logging/log_backend_golioth.c:127:17: error: too few arguments to function ‘zcbor_tstr_put_term’

The manifest path is:
(.venv) ➜ firmware west manifest --path

last two lines of “west list”
zcbor modules/lib/zcbor dbe20afd00b3ddd6956f4b47f5df202bb49a8707 GitHub - zephyrproject-rtos/zcbor: Code generation from CDDL descriptions.
golioth modules/lib/golioth main GitHub - golioth/golioth-zephyr-sdk: Golioth SDK For Zephyr

I have another directory where the manifest path is
(.venv) ➜ esp32-zephyr-workspace west manifest --path

which builds OK

Looks like it has a different zcbor release

zcbor modules/lib/zcbor 67fd8bb88d3136738661fa8bb5f9989103f4599e GitHub - zephyrproject-rtos/zcbor: Code generation from CDDL descriptions.

Hi Robert,

Thanks for reaching out! The Golioth SDK has been tested against Zephyr v3.5 (the latest official release of Zephyr). Since Zephyr v3.5 was released, Zephyr has update their version of the ZCBOR module on the main branch, and this is a breaking change, as you’ve encountered. We generally recommend pinning the version of Zephyr in your project to a specific tagged release, as this leads to better stability and interoperability. If that’s not an option for you (i.e. if you need a feature or bugfix present in the main branch that’s not available in v3.5), then you could try setting the ZCBOR revision in your manifest to match what’s supported in the Golioth SDK. Alternatively, Zephyr v3.6 is slated for release at the end of February, and we will update our Firmware SDK with support soon after, including updates to ZCBOR.


OK, thanks. I figured it was something like that. Zephyr is always a moving target. :frowning: