Would Golioth fit my use case?

I’m working on a very nice project that consists of 4 devices at least. I really like the concept of Golioth and the way the plans scale while the project grows.

A) a weather station, which will collect outdoor sensors reading about the actual weather conditions;
B) at least one (can be more) device which reads many temperature sensors (up to 16 cables which one containing a maximum of 32 sensors)
C) one device that activate fans based on the readings of these other two devices;
D) one device that is basically an HMI for visualizing and parameter changing.

All of these devices are based on STM32s running Zephyr and capable of communicate using MODBUS or LoRaWAN. Device D also have ethernet capability.
I need the data to be acessible locally whether there is internet connection or not since device D need to send commands to device C to keep things cool and dry no matter what. For this I was thinking on a gateway/network server running locally (maybe Chirpstack?). I also need this data to be available externally (mobile app/web app).
Would Golioth be helpful in any means to achieve what I want? Maybe forwarding packets from the local stack and back to it too, or something like this?

Thanks in advance!