What if I don't see my JSON packets arriving on the Golioth Cloud?

I often set up debug messages in my programs in order to view what I’m sending as JSON to the Cloud. Upon first glance it looks fine to me:


Looks like normal JSON, right?

Even when I go and format it to make it more readable, it looks ok:

No matter how many times I check though, there isn’t any data showing up on my LightDB Stream console. The reason? It turns out the JSON wasn’t valid after all. I used a JSON online checker to make sure I’m sending valid data using this site:

In my case, no I was not. I was sending a string without quotes around it, which even as the “value” part of a key:value pair needs to have quotes.

Make sure your JSON is valid! If you’d like, you can copy/paste the JSON from above and try out a JSON validation tool for yourself.