Unable to set up environment per given instructions

I’m trying to follow the instructions at: Set up Zephyr RTOS | Golioth

Under Install Golioth Firmware SDK for Linux the commands are:

cd ~
west init -m https://github.com/golioth/golioth-firmware-sdk.git --mr v0.10.0 --mf west-zephyr.yml ~/golioth-zephyr-workspace
cd golioth-zephyr-workspace
git submodule update --init --recursive
west update

The git submodule command fails becasue west init doesn’t create a .git directory so git doesn’t recognize it as a valid repository.

If I skip this step and proceed to west update I have problems later in build firmware where the samples/basic/minimal directory structure is missing. I assume this is intended to be installed with git submodule update that I couldn’t run above.

  cd ~/golioth-zephyr-workspace/zephyr
  west build -b your_board_name samples/basic/minimal -p

Hi John, sorry about this issue. There should be an additional step to change into the Golioth SDK directory before performing the submodule update. So the correct set instructions would look like this:

cd ~
west init -m https://github.com/golioth/golioth-firmware-sdk.git --mr v0.10.0 --mf west-zephyr.yml ~/golioth-zephyr-workspace
cd golioth-zephyr-workspace/modules/lib/golioth-firmware-sdk
git submodule update --init --recursive
west update

I’ll make an update to the docs this morning to include this change.

The commands are now updated on our docs pages: Set up Zephyr RTOS | Golioth

This also needs to be updated at GitHub - golioth/golioth-firmware-sdk: Firmware SDK enabling any IoT device to connect to Golioth - the Universal Connector for IoT

For Zephyr, it also references examples/zephyr/README.md (golioth-firmware-sdk/examples/zephyr/README.md at main · golioth/golioth-firmware-sdk · GitHub) which still has all the Beta text on in even though it’s released.

This code has the ‘cd’ command but calls it AFTER west update. Don’t you need to update the submodules before west update?

The documentation is all over the map.

Thanks for pointing those out, we’ll get them updates.

You should be able to run west update at any point after the initialization step as it’s main usage is to check out the repositories listed in the manifest files. However, we’ll update to that our instructions match between the README approach and the Docs approach.

Plus one more:

Plus formatting on the Zephyr note is off and the Zephyr information should be included in the documentation vs. referencing a text file somewhere else.

That Doxygen is programmatically generated from the main README in the repository. The note renders correctly on GitHub: