Running zephyr hello example on STM32


I’m running the zephyr hello example on a nucleo_f767zi board (with built-in ethernet) and I’m getting a TLS handshake timeout error when trying to create the client and connect to cloud.

Here is the error:

and here is my repo (the project can be built directly in my repo via github codespace)

PS: I’m using a forked version of the golioth firmware sdk to be able to build it on STM32.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hey @garssallaoui.bayrem, can you generate a new PSK-ID no longer than 32 characters and try connecting to Golioth again?

Also, what is the commit hash of the Firmware SDK used? Your repository points to main.

Hi @marko ,
yes I’m pointing to the latest commit on main (on my fork) which is d677a60

Never mind seems like I was having a problem when sharing ethernet from my PC to the board. It worked fine when I plugged my board ethernet directly to the router.
@marko thank you for your help