PSK and PSK-ID not being auto-loaded after a reboot


I am currently developing a product that is based on a nrf9160 and more precisely with a Thingy:91, this project integrates the tools of Golioth to communication data. And I am encountering a little issue with my PSK and PSK-ID registration. I wanted to communicate my PSK and PSK-ID by UART and I managed to do it, now the problem is that even tho it’s telling me that the keys are correctly saved when i reboot my device it doesn’t load them automatically and it doesn’t reconnect to my Golioth space anymore. I’ve followed the advices that are listed in Golioth’s github but didn’t find anything that seemed like my issue there and in the other forums.

Thank you for you help.

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Hey @salem.larkeche,

Can you try to see if you are experiencing the same behavior with our Thingy91 Example Program?

What version of the Golioth Firmware SDK are you using?
Can you also check if the GOLIOTH_SAMPLE_HARDCODED_CREDENTIALS Kconfig symbol is enabled in your project?


Thank you for your help. I had already considered the recommendations you gave me. The issue I was facing was due to an erase operation in the flash memory, which was being done in another part of my code.

Thanks again and have a nice day.