Our largest in-person training yet

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Golioth doesn’t just make servers to make it easier to implement secure OTA and send data back and forth to your IoT devices. We also offer open source SDKs that make it easy to build the devices in the first place. We just got back from the Hackaday Superconference, a 3 day gathering of hardware- and software-minded enthusiasts from a wide variety of industries. We presented a 2 hour in-person training, using many of the things we have learned from our past all-remote training. This article will expand on the training and how things change when there are other people sitting in a room together. A recap of training For those that haven’t read the past articles about our training, let’s give a quick recap. We use the $35-ish Adafruit MagTag as our main board for this training. We like it because it has: An Espressif ESP32-S2 for running Wi-Fi Inputs: Accelerometer Light Sensor 4 user buttons Stemma / Qwiic header Outputs: 4 NeoPixel side launch LEDs (multicolor programmables) Speaker eInk Display As we onboard people to this training, we try to slowly ramp people up as they are learning about the hardware and Zephyr, a real time operating system (RTOS) that we use as the basis of firmware we will put onto the board. The first thing that trainees do is compile and install a pre-written program that connects to a Wi-Fi access point, connects the embedded hardware to the Golioth cloud, and interacts with the cloud sending data and log messages. Once the trainee has successfully connected to the network, we step back and show them how to compile and interact with the cloud and RTOS in a more…

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