Options for firmware update on non eth connected devices

Hey guys!

On my scenario I have multiple devices equipped with an simple STM32F105 MCU connected over RS-485/Modbus and LoRa to another device which act as a gateway. This gateway device is connected to the internet and run on a much more capable STM32H7 MCU.
Is there any option to manage these non eth capable devices trough the gateway or the only option would be to USB DFU upgrades on more constrained devices and only manage/update the gateway trough Ethernet?

Hey Dolence, I apologize for the late reply; this one went under the radar!

With the configuration you described, at this point in time, only the Gateway (STM32H7) would be a device in the Golioth Cloud since each device connected to Golioth has to have an IP address. Only the Gateway using our SDK could directly connect to Golioth and take advantage of OTA DFU and LightDB State/Stream, RPC, and other provided services. You could pack the data from STM32F105 nodes and send it to Golioth Cloud through the Gateway, but STM32F105 nodes would not be visible as devices in the Golioth Cloud console. Also, the gateway could, in theory, connect on behalf of each device (it would require separate credentials for each today), and they could all be represented in the console. We are also working on making it such that a single node can send data on behalf of other devices with a single set of credentials. Implementing an OTA DFU for STM32F105 nodes through the Gateway would be a bit trickier but doable.