nRF9160 w/ Offloaded TLS

Looks like which TLS implementation gets picked at runtime in NCS 2.4.x rather than setting the old OFFLOAD_TLS option. Have you guys tested using the onboard key store on the nRF91 with the latest? Looks like the connection starts but I get a

[00:00:07.388,732] <inf> modem: Disconnected
[00:00:07.388,763] <inf> modem: LTE cell changed: Cell ID: 13379857, Tracking area: 1544
[00:00:10.768,463] <inf> modem: Network registration status: Connected - roaming
[00:00:10.768,768] <inf> golioth_system: Starting connect
[00:00:10.769,714] <inf> modem: Sleep PSM
[00:00:15.767,028] <inf> app: Connected to Golioth!
[00:00:15.767,089] <inf> app: Sending hello! 0
[00:00:15.767,700] <inf> golioth_system: Client connected!
[00:00:16.067,169] <err> golioth_system: Failed to receive: -95

That errro is EOPNOTSUPP = /**< Operation not supported on socket */

Got it going. Unfortunately ZSOCK_MSG_TRUNC is not supported by nrfxlib

I’m sure Marcin has a good reason for it to be there for the native sockets. I’ll open a bug.

Issue 417