NRF9160 and cellular metric data


is there an easy way to get cellular metric data ie RSRP , cell tower id, etc using goloith + nrf9160

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Hey Pete,

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It is possible, you can query the RSRP directly from the modem. This is in the modem_info library from Nordic Semiconductor (as well as things like Battery Voltage and more)

It’s possible to then push these locally found pieces of info up to the cloud using something like LightDB State, where you could then query it on the REST API.

Hi chris - thanks for the info

any tips on getting this integrated into the samples/dfu ?

modules/lib/golioth/samples/dfu/src/main.c:467: undefined reference to `modem_info_init’

@pchan I think if you enable CONFIG_MODEM_INFO=y in your prj.conf file it will make that function available

this worked - thanks.