New Pipelines Data Destination: Memfault

Originally published at: New Pipelines Data Destination: Memfault - Golioth

A new Pipelines data destination for Memfault is now generally available for Golioth users. It enables devices to leverage their existing secure connection to Golioth to deliver data containing coredumps, heartbeats, events, and more to Memfault. To see this integration in action, check out the example firmware application, read the documentation, and tune into this week’s Friday Afternoon Stream, where we will be joined by a special guest from Memfault. Golioth + Memfault We have long been impressed the functionality offered by Memfault’s platform, as well as the embedded developer community they have cultivated with the Interrupt blog. In our mission to build a platform that makes connecting constrained devices to the cloud simple, secure, and efficient, we have continuously expanded the set of cloud services that devices can target. This goal has been furthered by the recent launch of Golioth Pipelines. Memfault’s observability features are highly desired by embedded developers, but leveraging them has typically required establishing a separate HTTP connection from a device to Memfault’s cloud, building custom functionality to relay data from an existing device service to Memfault, or utilizing an intermediate gateway device to provide connectivity. With Golioth, devices already have a secure connection to the cloud for table-stakes device management services and flexible data routing. By adding a Memfault data destination to Golioth Pipelines, that same connection can be used to route a subset of streaming data to Memfault. Leveraging this existing connection saves power and bandwidth on the device, and removes the need to store fleet-wide secrets on deployed devices. How It Works The Memfault Firmware SDK provides observability data to an application serialized in the form of chunks. An application can periodically query…

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