New in Golioth Zephyr SDK v0.3.0

A new version of the Golioth Zephyr SDK was released on September 20th, 2022.


  • :gift: More ‘on_message’ callbacks
  • :gift: RPC feature
  • :gift: Settings feature
  • :gift: Configurable TLS credentials tag for Golioth system_client module
  • :gift: Samples/test/ for runtime testing with mimxrt1060_evkb and nrf52840dk_nrf52840 platforms
  • :gift: Support for cert-based authentication
  • :gift: ‘settings list’ shell command
  • :gift: links to API and external Golioth docs
  • :gift: mimxrt1060_evkb board overlays
  • :gift: gracefully handle case when no DFU releases were rolled out yet
  • :gift: initial twister runtime scripts support utilizing pytest harness and goliothctl tool


  • :bug: Fixed Doxygen build warnings
  • :bug: Fixed all ‘LightDB’ and ‘LightDB Stream’ spelling


  • :star2: Updated lightdb_led sample to handle “no more items” QCBOR error as an expected condition
  • :star2: Use CONFIG_GOLIOTH_SAMPLE_WIFI_{SSID,PSK} credentials in samples/settings/, similar to other samples
  • :star2: Fixed miscellaneous typos
  • :star2: Removed ‘net’ tag from all sample.yaml files, which was the reason of filtering out ‘esp32’ platform by twister
  • :star2: Verified with Zephyr post v3.2.0-rc2 (e1cb0845b49b6a4100c9e5558d37667b92f0d000)
  • :star2: Verified with NCS post v2.0.0 / pre v2.1.0 (a897e619b5ac15bb27f47affd4d42c6cf8e1f49f)
  • :star2: Explicitly use ‘application/json’ instead of ‘text/plain’ content formats
  • :star2: Use ‘enum golioth_content_format’ instead of ‘enum coap_content_format’ in all APIs
  • :star2: All samples wait for valid connection before sending first request/packet to server
  • :star2: Dropped use of deprecated ‘label’ DT property
  • :star2: Bring back "LED → " log messages in samples/lightdb_led/
  • :star2: Replaced wifi_connect() with more generic net_connect() in samples/common/
  • :star2: Enable Github workflows on every PR (which was limited to ‘main’ branch before)
  • :star2: Settings shell message cleanups
  • :star2: Reduced configured k_malloc() heap size for ‘esp32’ platform in all samples


  • :axe: Dropped support for plaintext/unsecure UDP transport
  • :axe: Dropped support for Zephyr logging v1