New in Golioth ESP-IDF SDK v0.2.0

A new version of the Golioth ESP-IDF SDK was released on August 29th, 2022.

Breaking Changes

  • :stop_sign: golioth_client: The function golioth_client_create() takes different parameters. Existing code can migrate by placing the PSK-ID and PSK into the golioth_client_config_t struct. See examples/golioth_basics for an example.


  • :gift: golioth_coap_client: Support for PKI certificate authentication over DTLS
  • :gift: ble.c: new file, BLE GATT server for provisioning WiFi and Golioth credentials
  • :gift: New certificate_auth example
  • :gift: docs: style guide


  • :star2: golioth_basics: custom partition table to accommodate app size over 1 MB
  • :star2: Kconfig: RPC and Settings feature flags enabled by default
  • :star2: golioth_coap_client: More useful error message when DTLS handshake fails
  • :star2: magtag_demo: add support for shell and NVS credentials
  • :star2: docs: Improved API docs in Doxygen, README landing page


  • :bug: magtag_demo: support for USB CDC, now serial I/O works
  • :bug: test: consistent timeouts to prevent flaky CI

See The Golioth Changelog for past fixes and future information.