Migrate from AWS IoT core to Golioth


Currently I am using AWS IoT for my IoT devices. My devices are sometimes at very remote locations with almost no signal. I have some issues using MQTT, sometimes it takes quite a long time to make a connection to the network and the MQTT broker.

I think for these situations COAP would be a much better protocol compared to MQTT.

I am considering switching from AWS IoT to Golioth but how would a migration look like for the devices in the field? What steps should I think of like provisioning certificates over the air?

My devices are based on the NRF9160 (Actinius Icarus board)

My toughs are:
Step 1: Create device certificates and make them available (S3 bucket?)
Step 2: Write migration firmware that downloads and stores the Golioth Certificates (update using AWS FOTA)
Step 3: Update to new Golioth Firmware also using AWS FOTA
Step 4: Use Golioth

This does not feel very secure because the certificates will be available to the public.

Looking forward for your ideas.

Hey @thijs, I reached out over email a few days ago to set up a call to discuss this further. Can you confirm you’ve received the email?