Is there a cloud status page?

Curious if Golioth has a cloud status page (similar to that can be used to check whether the cloud APIs are operational.

For context, I’m getting TLS handshake errors like the following (it was working earlier, and I’m not sure if I goofed something or if the API is not working):

*** Booting Zephyr OS build zephyr-v3.2.0  ***
[00:00:00.368,000] <inf> lis2dh: fs=2, odr=0x4 lp_en=0x0 scale=9576
[00:00:00.369,000] <inf> golioth_system: Initializing
[00:00:00.369,000] <dbg> golioth_magtag: main: Start MagTag Hello demo
[00:00:00.370,000] <dbg> golioth_ws2812: ws2812_init: Fixing ESP32s2 Register 0x3f424008 Value: 0x240000
[00:00:00.371,000] <inf> golioth_epaper: Setup ePaper pins
[00:00:00.371,000] <inf> epaper_driver_dev: Set up [email protected] pin 5 as busy
[00:00:00.371,000] <inf> epaper_driver_dev: Set up [email protected] pin 7 as dc
[00:00:00.371,000] <inf> epaper_driver_dev: Set up [email protected] pin 6 as rst
[00:00:00.371,000] <inf> epaper_driver_dev: Set up [email protected] pin 3 as mosi
[00:00:00.371,000] <inf> epaper_driver_dev: Set up [email protected] pin 4 as sclk
[00:00:00.371,000] <inf> epaper_driver_dev: Set up [email protected] pin 8 as csel
[00:00:00.371,000] <inf> golioth_epaper: ePaper Init and Clear
[00:00:04.344,000] <inf> golioth_epaper: Show Golioth logo
[00:00:08.255,000] <inf> golioth_samples: Waiting for interface to be up
[00:00:08.255,000] <inf> golioth_samples: Connecting to WiFi
[00:00:19.146,000] <inf> net_dhcpv4: Received:
[00:00:19.146,000] <inf> golioth_wifi: Connected with status: 0
[00:00:19.146,000] <inf> golioth_wifi: Successfully connected to WiFi
[00:00:19.146,000] <inf> golioth_system: Starting connect
[00:02:36.537,000] <err> net_sock_tls: TLS handshake timeout
[00:02:36.538,000] <err> golioth_system: Failed to connect: -116
[00:02:36.538,000] <wrn> golioth_system: Failed to connect: -116

It looks like updating to move Golioth to pre v0.5.0 commit · golioth/[email protected] · GitHub fixed the issue for me.

For anybody coming across this in the future, there is a status page for the Golioth services at