How can I deploy updates to different blueprints from the same image

I have one blueprint for devices that haven’t been deployed and one for devices that have. They take the same firmware but but I haven’t found out how to deploy it to both blueprints. Golioth won’t let me apply my artifact to multiple blueprints and won’t let me release a new artifact to the second blueprint with the same source file. It returns the message “failed to created artifact: artifact already exists with the same blueprint and version.”
How can I deploy the same image to devices in different blueprints?

Hey @john.stuewe, Device Blueprints are associated with different hardware variations, which in turn means a different firmware image. So, one Artifact is associated with only one Device Blueprint.

A better way to filter out OTA Updates is with Device Tags. For instance, you can tag devices that have been deployed with the tag deployed and those that haven’t with not-deployed.

From a single Artifact, you can create two Releases, and tag the first one with deployed tag and the second one with not-deployed tag. That way, you can Rollout an OTA Update to all devices or to a set of devices. Note that if a Release contains both tags, it will be targeted to devices with only those (and no other tags) assigned, and if a Release has no tags it will be received by all devices, even those that have tags.