Hello example won't connect nrf9160

Hi, just got onboarded on your promising platform. I’ve implemented my own code and got it working on ESP32 over WIFI. When moving my code to nrf9160 it won’t connect, tried both nrf9160dk and nrf9160 feather.

In my throubleshooting, I’ve done following:

  • Run hello example of Golioth - failed (not connecting).
  • Update modem to 1.3.1
  • Run Nordic asset tracker example (successfully connecting over LTE-M to nrfCloud)

Any suggestion what to try next? SIM is ok, nordic examples works, but none of Golioth examples works. Running Golioth examples on ESP32 works… So clearly there seems to be LTE initialization issue.

Hey Christoffer, Welcome to the platform!

Could you let us know what version of NCS you’re on? We’ve been having trouble with changes implemented between NCS v1.7.1 (our recommended one) and v1.8.0 (the latest Nordic version). Other users have been having similar issues: https://github.com/golioth/zephyr-sdk/issues/157

Thanks for posting!

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Thanks! I’m running latest v1.8.0. I’ll try to compile v1.7.1 and give it a try.

Nice! v1.7.1 works!

Thanks a lot!

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Glad to hear it! We are working on migrating to v1.8.0 for our SDK currently, if you have something you need from that more recent NCS version, we can let you know when it’s available for testing.