Goliothctl '-rollout false' enables the release

Using “goliothctl dfu release create {} -rollout false” creates a release with rollout=true, not rollout=false. goliothctl doesn’t appear to check the string at all and sets rollout=true even with a garbage string.

~/prj/golioth7$ goliothctl dfu release create --components main@$myversion --release-tags $releasetags --tags $devtags --rollout $rollout
id:"659c384ab212f255bc876475"  release_tags:"v0.0.15"  artifact_ids:"659c2f73b212f255bc87646e"  rollout:true  sequence_number:1704736842257857925  blueprint_id:"653fe3bfa0e26aa7b28a380b" device_tags:"testonly"

The ‘goliothctl dfu release update’ command correctly turns off a release with ‘false’ but will enable it with any other string. ie “False”, “false2”, and “0” will enable the release with no error checking.

goliothctl dfu release update --release-tags $releasetags --rollout $rollout
release updated

@john.stuewe thank you for reporting this! This behavior is certainly not intuitive and we will work on addressing it. It the meantime, if the --rollout flag is omitted entirely when using the goliothctl dfu release create command, the release will be created with rollout=false.

Yes, that’s what i’m doing as a workaround but it requires moving the flags into the environment variable.