Golioth with NCS 2.6.0. Does not connect to Network

Hello, Golioth community,

I am currently, testing out Golioth with NCS 2.6.0. However, wanted to clarify if Golioth works or has been tested with NCS 2.6.0 because while compiling the Hello example (to start with), NCS complained about assigning a value to an undefined symbol.

/opt/nordic/ncs/v2.6.0/modules/lib/golioth-firmware-sdk/examples/zephyr/hello/boards/nrf9160dk_nrf9160_ns.conf:20: warning: attempt to assign the value ‘y’ to the undefined symbol LTE_CONNECTIVITY

After removing the CONFIG_LTE_CONNECTIVITY=y
from the prj.conf, the application managed to compile successfully for nRF9160 DK but never connected.
This tells me that without the above the LTE does not work.

So just wanted to ask if it works with ncs 2.6.0 or if am I missing something.

Thank you.

Hey @rajeev, Golioth Firmware SDK is tested and validated against nRF Connect SDK v2.5.2.

NCS v2.6.0 is not working because the modem library misses the network connection; the device doesn’t connect until the modem is brought offline and back online. You can read more about this issue on the Nordic DevZone.

We are waiting for Nordic to merge the fix and anticipate it will do so in the v2.6.2 release.

Hi @marko,
Thanks for the response and feedback. This clarifies why Golioth SDK did not work for 2.6.0.

On the other note, I have been using NCS 2.6.0 for other MQTT applications, but have not noticed this issue so far.

Also, tried to read more regarding the issue you mentioned, but the link says page no longer exist. :pensive:

Anyways thanks and will lookout for the newer release of Golioth.


You are right; the link doesn’t work anymore, and it was at the time of writing. Maybe that’s an indication the fix will be merged sooner rather than later.

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