Golioth was at Embedded World 2024

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As we described in our announcement post, we had a range of demos at our kiosk in the Zephyr Booth at Embedded World 2024. Once again this conference proved to a valuable opportunity to connect with engineers across industries and get feedback on what we’re building at Golioth. (Above: “walk the floor” in hyperlapse mode at EW24) We met with our silicon partners, many of our design partners, and met new customers who were curious how to connect their devices to the cloud. One demo in particular drew people in and had people asking whether new Golioth capabilities could fit their needs. Bluetooth Mesh Demo We’ll continue to release videos of our demos throughout the next few weeks on the Golioth YouTube channel, but we wanted to have the Cloud-connected Bluetooth Mesh demo available. It showcases many of the things we’re interested in and working on actively at Golioth: Improving our Cloud – We are continually adding new features and testing against our Firmware SDK and a wide range of devices. Adding more collaboration features – This demo was done by Sandra Capri of Ambient Sensors, one of the companies that is in our Design Partner program. Sandra was able to get a demo up and going on Golioth quickly and it unlocked the ability to control hardware and firmware she knew really well from the Cloud (something she was new to). We’ll have more detail from her on the blog soon. Bluetooth Gateways – Bluetooth devices are amazing because they enable low power monitoring and can pass a range of data between devices. The downside is the requirement to have a programming element (such as iOS or Android app)…

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