Golioth ESPIDF Arduino Repo

My colleague and I are working on getting this repo working.
I’ve followed the instructions on the readme, and am getting a build error.

I’m using ESP-IDF version 4.4.1, which I would think shouldn’t be a breaking change to 4.4.2 which is referenced in the README.

Hey Seth!

While Golioth does not have official Arduino support, Golioth should work along side Arduino in an ESP-IDF project. The repo you mention is part of Golioth Labs, where we host experimental code and proof of concepts. Our team can try and determine PoC if it is still working on our end. However, in the mean time, Espressif’s own documentation adding Arduino as an ESP-IDF component may be a better resource.

For most production level projects, we suggest people move towards natively developing in ESP-IDF (or our other supported platforms) to ensure there all the latest and greatest Golioth features are available. If there’s a reason that isn’t possible, we’re always happy to chat and/or put you in contact with our support staff. Thanks!