Golioth Developer Training: Open to the public on Dec 14th

Originally published at: Golioth Developer Training: Open to the public on Dec 14th - Golioth

A key mission at Golioth is to make it easier for hardware and firmware developers to connect devices to the internet. We do that in two ways: Providing easy-to-use APIs and SDKs for IoT devices to connect to Golioth Cloud endpoints. Training developers how to use the Device side code. We have done many successful training sessions so far, showing individuals and companies how to connect their first devices. Along the way, we have learned that there is a large unfulfilled need in the market for training in the IoT space. So we’re doing it again! We’ll show people how to connect devices and get access to things like: Secure Over-The-Air Updates to constrained devices Command and Control over remote devices Learn how to create and modify settings for remote devices Understand how to implement data tracking from your device We will be running our first training open to the public on December 14th, 2022. Read more below if you’d like to take part. Training challenges Once again we’ll be training developers from afar. We did this back in October for a select group of hardware engineers looking to learn more about Zephyr: Click to learn more about our experience back in October of 2022 The upcoming training will be built upon the lessons we learned during that training, and our last in-person training at the Hackaday Superconference. In both cases, we used Kasm to provide fully remote development environments so that users don’t need to install anything on their local machine (there are directions on how to do that after the training is over). We think this is an important piece to ensure people can get started quickly. How…

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