Golioth CoAP client constantly resending requests

Hi everyone.

I am working on a modification to one of the Golioth sample repos that demonstrate a BLE-LTE gateway with several peripheral devices. I’ve had the repo working as is for a few days, showing all of the BLE connectable devices in my serial terminal, when all of a sudden it steemed to “stop scanning,” or maybe just stopped registering device found callbacks while scanning, and instead starting printing out the message in the image a LOT. I mean thousands of lines of the same error message.

It was previously suggested that this error / warning comes from a weak cell tower in my space, so I went to another city but am getting the same warnings. Any ideas about what else might be causing this? Or am I just getting bad luck with cell towers? It would surprise me if that is the case, I live in a very urban area.


Little update: I’ve discovered the CoAP warning has nothing to do with my bluetooth discovery issue, that was separate and had to do with some filtering I was playing with.

I would still love to know more about this CoAP warning though if anyone has any insights! Thanks.

Hey @joeyquatela,

the root cause of the warning for resending requests is a weak cell tower. Due to a packet loss on the network, the coap_client will try to resend the packet two more times and log it. That logging of the retransmission packet, due to the lossy network, will also trigger a retry, effectively creating a Resending request loop for the original packet and all the subsequent logging messages.

The influx of logs occurs when the coap_client encounters a packet loss and keeps trying to send data. We are discussing internally how to minimize the logging impact while retaining information about a packet loss and subsequent retry.