ESP-IDF monitor READ only WeAct Studio board [SOLVED]

Hey all,

I’m simply posting a solution to an issue I’ve had in the Getting Started Guide when using an ESP32 and the ESP-IDF.

When using the ESP-IDF on the WeAct Studio ESP32-C3FH4 Core Board everything builds and flashes fine. But for some reason, the serial connection is read only. This means that it’s not possible to add the WiFi and PSK credentials needed for Golioth. So when using the “ monitor” serial monitor this warning is raised when trying to write to the board over serial: “Writing to serial is timing out. Please make sure that your application supports an interactive console and that you have picked the correct console for serial communication.”. After a long search for a solution I found it. Do the following:

  1. menuconfig
  2. Component config > ESP System Settings > Channel for console output > choose USB Serial/JTAG Controller
  3. Press “S” to save, press “Enter”, press “Esc”
  4. build (DON’T set the target board again as it will erase the changes you just made in the config)
  5. flash
  6. Enjoy two way serial communication on the board!

I hope this can help someone in the future.


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Hey this is super helpful! Thanks for sharing!