david_02228 wrote on Discord

I have installed VSC and the ESP-IDF extension as well as the C++ extensions.
The installer brought down the Python 3.11.2 codebase and installed it in C:\Users\David.espressif\tools\idf-python\3.11.2.
However, when I run the espressif IDF extension, I receive the error:
C:\Users\David.espressif\tools\idf-python\3.11.2\python.exe is not valid. (ERROR_INVALID_PYTHON
Any idea how to fix this?

I have specified the path into the user path environment. I can’t imagine that it put the wrong version of python in there. I don’t know where to go. I have uninstalled, everything and cleaned out all possible file system directories associated with espressif, esp-idf, python and anything else I could find before a reinstall attempt.

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