Dfu periodic check

Hello, I want to check if there’s an update every day at fixed time but from the example codes it checks it only one time when nrf is powered on. I thought the golioth api tell the device that there’s an update but from terminal output it doesn’t seems. If it’s so, why there only one download try.

Hi, Serjo!

Are you using our samples? If so, then our samples and our SDK are set up to observe the /.u/desired CoAP endpoint. The device is then updated immediately when you upload an update in the Golioth console and roll it out.

If the above behavior is not what you are seeing, would you mind recording a demo of what your’re observing? Does the real-time observation of the /.u/desired endpoint satisfy your needs or does your use-case require periodic polling?


I basically copied your sample, I use the golioth common configuration and other options exluding the nrf91 lte monitor because I have implemented an lte handler and modem handler and it seems working strange if the lte monitor (from golioth) is active. At the moment I’ve a problem with update firmware that I’m discussing in another topic, maybe it’s that why I see only one request of update. I’ll look for the other samples for observe the endpoint, but I’m pretty sure that if you say that is just observing with the sample code, my code is observing too.
What you suggest me to do? Thanks @tim.