Click Module with nrf9160dk

Hello, today I read on the block about Click Modules from MikroE. I think is awesome but before buy things I want to know how can I connect the nrf9160dk board to the Arduino Uno Click Shield, I suppose is through the board overlay file but I don’t know which data I have to write in it. Is possible to control the module like GNSS 7 Click from nrf or weather click(i.e. enable and disable module from nrf, fault control)? Or the only thing that I can see from nrf is the data like temperature? Thank in advance, I hope you can understand what I meaning.

For mikroBus plug and play type connectivity, I suggest the conexio strautus dev kit with their shield addon, where you can use the addon shields.

Hi I already have an nrf9160dk and I see that golioth team use it for this. As company we don-t have much money to waste on research and mainly we have to use nrf9160dk for poc, not another hw. Thank you.