Best way to upload images from IoT Edge device

Hi all,

I have a question about uploading high-resolution images (1024x720) to Golioth using LTE-M to then forward to, e.g., Ubidots or Google Cloud. My largest concern is to upload it to Golioth as this (Move over Internet of Things, I built the Internet of Memes - Golioth) is the only use case example I’ve found where someone is handling images over Golioth.

Has anyone else done this before and have any recommendations, resources and/or advice?

Thanks in advance,

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Hey Koray,

This sounds like a very interesting use case!

While we do not currently have a native feature for image uploads (yet) it is technically possible. Today, you would have to stream the image data up in chunks (i.e. a byte array) and re-assemble them in your backend own services.

This blog post talks through the concept: We Added Cellular to the Hackaday Superconference Badge - Golioth

Happy to chat with you around your specific use case to better understand if there may be some feature enhancements we could make that would help.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] and we can setup a time to chat. :slight_smile: