Announcing Pipelines: Stream, Transform, and Route IoT Data Anywhere

Originally published at: Announcing Pipelines: Stream, Transform, and Route IoT Data Anywhere - Golioth

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Pipelines, a powerful new set of features that redefines how you manage and route your IoT data on Golioth. Pipelines is the successor to our now-deprecated Output Streams and represents a significant upgrade in our functionality, scalability and user control. Two years ago, we introduced Output Streams to seamlessly connect IoT data to various cloud services like AWS SQS, Azure Event Hubs, and GCP PubSub. This enabled Golioth users to efficiently stream sensor data for real-time processing, analytics, and storage, integrating easily with their existing cloud infrastructure. Since then, we’ve gathered extensive feedback, and now we’re excited to introduce a more versatile solution for data routing: Pipelines. Previously, all stream data had to flow into LightDB Stream and conform to its JSON formatting requirements, which was restrictive for those with regulatory and data residency needs. With Pipelines, you can direct your data to LightDB Stream, your own database, or any other destination, in any format you choose. Pipelines also introduces filtering and transformation features that simplify or even eliminate backend services through low-code configuration. Configurations are stored and managed as simple YAML files, making them easily deployable across multiple projects without manual recreation. This approach allows you to version your data routing configurations alongside your application code. Internally, Pipelines architecture is designed to support our future growth, enabling us to scale our data routing capabilities to billions of devices. This robust foundation allows us to quickly iterate and add new features rapidly, ensuring that our users always have access to the most powerful and flexible data management tools available. All Golioth users can start taking advantage of Pipelines today. Projects that…