Announcing Golioth Zephyr SDK v0.8.0

A new version of the Golioth Zephyr SDK was released on November 6, 2023.


  • Support for Zephyr v3.5.0 and Nordic Connect SDK v2.5.0


  • pinout for ESP32 WROVER in samples’ README files
  • support for nRF52840DK + ESP-AT platform in samples/cert-provisioning/
  • documentation (README file) for samples/rpc/
  • CONFIG_GOLIOTH_USE_CONNECTION_ID Kconfig option enables DTLS CID use


  • WiFi state machine (with implemented reconnects) has replaced previous implementation of simple one-shot connection attempt to WiFi Access Point
  • moved Python Golioth package to separate repository at GitHub - golioth/python-golioth-tools
  • replaced samples/common/runtime_psk.conf with samples/common/runtime_settings.conf that additionally enables WiFi credentials storage in Zephyr settings subsystem
  • verified with NCS v2.5.0
  • verified with Zephyr v3.5.0
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