Announcing Golioth Firmware SDK v0.9.0

A new version of the Golioth Firmware SDK was release on November 8th, 2023.


  • Support for Zephyr v3.5.0 and Nordic Connect SDK v2.5.0


  • zephyr: Add CONFIG_GOLIOTH_USE_CONNECTION_ID symbol to enable
    Connection IDs
  • zephyr: support DTLS 1.2 Connection IDs with NCS (disabled by default)
  • zephyr: samples: enable reboot
  • ci: add HIL test workflow
  • zephyr: samples: add connection test


  • zephyr: Use Zephyr 3.5.0
  • zephyr: Use NCS 2.5.0
  • moved src/include folder to root directory
  • moved src/priv-include folder to src/include
  • zephyr: Use random subsystem provided by Zephyr
  • ci: parallelize workflows

Known Issues: