Board not recognised

Hi Team
I had followed the steps provided in Create a node on your Thread Network | Golioth Thread Demo to build and flash the end device.
West flash gives me a warning also, I’m not sure about the amount of data written

After this, when I try to open the serial port to configure networkkey and networkname, the unit becomes unresponsive after 10-15 seconds

Hello! Two initial questions:

  • Can you share the full compilation output? Wondering what if there may be other hints in the output.
  • Can you try flashing a test app to see if those hang too?

Actually, could it be the same issue as discussed here? Connect Thread Node to Golioth - #2 by ChrisGammell

Hi Jonathanberi
Yes, I actually used the link provided in the above thread to install the requirements and I have seen the expected build. Even the flash happened and successfully connected once to a thread border router. The next day I was not able to connect and I see the serial output becomes unresponsive after 10-20 seconds.
Here are the compilation attachments (I build this today)

Also for flash